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After three decades in the United States – Detroit, San Francisco – I lived 18 years in Tokyo, and now, since 1998, Vienna.


Working, Writing

Film Teaching

2001-present: Seminar (Lehrauftrag) in Film Theory and History, Institute of Architectural Theory, Technical University, Vienna. (Seminar topics have included Science-Fiction Cinema, Horror Cinema, Hollywood in the 1950s, Pre- and Early Cinema, etc.)

Film Publications and Lectures

2016: article: “Time and the Image: The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes”, in online film journal, “Bright Lights Film Journal,”  http://brightlightsfilm.com/time-image-piano-tuner-of-earthquakes-quay-brothers-experimental/#.Vr8ckeT2aUk

November 2015:  Talk on “The Film Musical,” Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna

April 2015:  Talk on “Mizoguchi and Ozu”, Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna

January 2015:  Filmed introductions to 3 Science-Fiction films, films, Neues Kino, Basel, Switzerland

Fall, 2008: “Gun Crazy: Cinematic Amour Fou,” in “Film Criticism,” Allegheny College, PA [juried article]

Jan. 2008: “Genre and Identity in The American Friend, “Datutop,” Tampere University, Finland

Nov. 2006: “The Two Vincents and the Art of Work: Vincente Minnelli’s Pictures of Picture-Makers,” University of Applied Art, Vienna

July 2006: “Film Platform Flaktleitturm,” Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (curated film program)

Fall 2005:  “Vincente Minnelli’s Dream of Tony Hunter’s Band Wagon’s ‘Girl Hunt’,”
“Film Criticism,” Allegheny College, PA [juried article]

May 2003: Introduction to The Band Wagon, Austrian Film Museum

Jan. 2003: “Nowhere to Run for the Nothing Man: On North by Northwest,” conference paper at “Becoming Art, Towards a Deleuzian Aesthetics,” Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

May 2002: “Film: Architecture Symposium,” Technical University, Vienna (participant)

2001: The Donald Richie Reader, Stonebridge Press, Berkeley; Editor

Works in progress: essays on Vertigo, 2001 A Space Odyssey.


Other Publications



2016:  TOKIO WHIP, a novel, Stonebridge Press (Berkeley, California)

Excerpts from TOKIO WHIP (a novel-in-progress) in “Plan B Calendar”, 1987-1991, Tokyo, and in “Anthology 90/91,” Ikuta Press, Kobe.

PHILOSOPHY OF THE SHIRT, Jionji Press, Saitama, 1986. (A letter-press collection of aphorisms with illustrations by Richard Flavin).

“Misericordia,” short story in “Sub-Stance” No. 27, (“Current Trends in American Fiction”), 1980, University of Wisconsin.


Two poems, privately printed, Jionji Press, Saitama, 1998.

Poems in “Anthology 85/86,” 1986, and in “Anthology 83/84,” 1984, Ikuta Press, Kobe.

Poems in “St. Andrews’s review,” No. 26, 1983, St. Andrew’s College, North Carolina.

Poems in “Rejection,” No. 1, 1980, Oakland.


“Tokyo Bureau,” (irregular column of commentary), 1983-1985, in “Exquisite Corpse, Louisiana State University. (Republished in THE STIFFEST OF THE CORPSE, City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1989).

“Iro-Iro,” (irregular column of commentary), 1982-1983, in “Straits, Detroit

Miscellaneous book reviews for The Daily Yomiuri, The Japan Times, Winds, Déjà-vu, PHP and other newspapers and magazines, 1981-1998.

Co-translations of Japanese literary texts and art criticism in numerous catalogs and magazines.

Editorial work and copywriting for a variety of magazines and corporations, including Canon, NIRA, Issey Miyake, etc.


Art Criticism

Books and monographs

“Muero Porque no Muero,” Introduction to LAMENTS: KUKEI/KINKEI, photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki, Shinchosha, Tokyo, 1991.

YOHKO HASHIMOTO: ONE MOMENT NOW, Enrico Navarra Press, Paris, and Art Life, Tokyo, 1991.

NOE AOKI/MICHIKO YANO, Art Random, Kyoto Shoin, 1990.

“Lee U-Fan: Painting, Knowing,” catalog essay in WITH WINDS, Tokyo Gallery, 1989.


More than 500 reviews of contemporary art have appeared in Japanese and international newspapers and magazines (Art Forum, Interview, etc.).

Editorial assistant for the photography magazine Deja-vu, 1991-1996.